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Daljeet Dhaliwal (Winners Tribe Alumni)

I took training from Winners Tribe an year ago, all I can say is that my knowledge of technicality has rapidly improved, before one year I had no idea on how to handle a project or anything, but now after getting trained from such knowledgeable seniors, actually I was very lucky that I could avail the opportunity to get trained from Mr. Avi Arya, it not only helped me in my technical skills but I also learned to work as a part of a team. Now I am working as a freelancer visual designer and handling different projects.

Divyani (Winners Tribe Alumni)

Hi, I was a fresher after my graduation and started learning Digital marketing from Winners Tribe. I was selected as an Intern at Internet Moguls, and would love to share that the environment I got at Winners Tribe and Internet Moguls was the best anyone could get. The workspace anyone could dream of in which one could excel in his/her field is provided at this institute.

Samir Pathak (Winners Tribe Alumni)

My journey at Winners Tribe is an unforgettable one, I learned a lot about digital marketing environment, how it works, how its dynamics work.The inhand knowledge about SEOs, social media, Google Analytics and many other tools used in digital marketing. I learnt about different spectrums and techniques on how to restore a client. The most important thing to learn was about the combination of all the techniques of digital marketing and using it as a whole for making a business more fortunate. Right now I am working as a business consultant in hospitality industry.

Namita (Winners Tribe Alumni)

I am a Graphic Designer and I joined Winners Tribe last year, after getting trained from there I can definitely say that I learnt a lot in the field of Digital Marketing. I had no prior training of Digital Marketing but after getting certified from Winners Tribe, a line-up of opportunities were available to me. Now I am working as a freelancer and have developed and handled many assignments in Digital Marketing.

Ria Chakraborty (Winners Tribe Alumni)

I am a content writer, after graduating in Literature I was looking for something technical and found Digital Marketing as the best field to excel in. I joined Winners Tribe and after getting certified I was hired as an intern at Internet Moguls and the only thing I can say about the Winners Tribe is that the in depth knowledge and training that they provided me was the best one I could get. And at Internet Moguls, It’s like the most comfortable workplace anyone could get and everyone has a lot of opportunities to climb up the hierarchy.

Rakshit Aggarwal

Manager - Marketing and Corporate Communication at out of home media Descriptive & Quality content. Many tools available to learn and excel.

Gaurav Shaini

Manager- Customer Retentions- JAPAC at Adobe I like this course for it's detailed structure and the fact that it has live projects.

Siddanth Gattu

The course is very well designed.

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